Vaping Prevention Resources

If you are a Nicholas county student and currently vape but would like help quitting, we recommend downloading one of the available FREE quit vaping apps or texting DITCHJUUL to 88709

For Parents

Here is an informative toolkit designed for parents of middle and high school students created by CATCH My Breath. This toolkit is designed to educate parents and help them better understand the youth vaping epidemic.

For Teachers

For Teachers à

Any educator in Nicholas county interested in teaching the CATCH My Breath peer reviewed, evidence-based vaping prevention program, please visit or contact Kim Major at or Kelly LaCava at This program is FREE for any teacher and is four easy to teach 45 minute lessons targeted towards 5th-12th grade students. All materials are accessed online and the lessons may be taught in physical education, health, science or advisory. The lessons are recommended to be taught once a week for four weeks.

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